Night Fever


 shortfilm version, video HD, colour, sound, 23 min. (concept, script, directing, editing)

“The film installation Night Fever causes, due to or despite the relative simplicity of the arrangement, for a maximum intrusiveness: a tunnel with a bench in the middle, and projected images on the transparent side walls and the ceiling. Main character in Night Fever is a man with a panic disorder. Fear reigns in the nighttime scenery. The main character believes he is getting a heart attack in the middle of the night. He panics and flees from the oppressive turmoil of his interior looking for redemption in the almost deserted streets of the metropolis. Yet he fails to to escape from the fears in his head. As a viewer you can totally immerse yourself in the project by standing or sitting in the middle of the tunnel, but there is also an opportunity to keep some distance and walk around the projection walls. The soundtrack to the inner monologue is obviously a great help to determine the intensity of the experience. Ultimately, this is about the most existential feeling: the fear of death. In a broader context, the installation symbolizes the increasingly dominant role that fear seems to play in the world. Fear conducts the economic and financial system. Threats of sickness, misery, war, terrorism or natural disasters through various media channels in a stream unleashed on us. “