old Lectures

2018 – Symposium Medische Wereld 2018, VUB Jette (guest speaker on  ‘human enhancement’)

2017 – Royal Academy for Art and Sciences of Belgium – conference on AI (guest lecture on ‘the    metaphysics of AI’)

2016 – University of Leiden, (guest lecture on bio art)

2015 Master Lecture: Frank Theys: ‘Thinking the 3 cultures’, Film Academy, Amsterdam

‘Future of Art & Science Lectures’, Rijksacademie Amsterdam (symposium together with Jens Hauser)

– ‘The Time is now, isn’t it?’, Museum night, Volkspaleis Den Haag (debate with Annie Fletcher on contemporary art)

– Studium Generale, Academy of Genk, guest lecture on contemporary art

2014 – Studium Generale ‘Übermench 2.0’, Technical University Eindhoven (symposium together with prof.dr.ir. Pieter-Paul Verbeek en dr. Theo Boer)

– Round Table CASPARO, VUB, (symposium on A.I. together with prof. Luc Steels, Prof. Herman Bruyninckx, prof. Dirk Van Dyck en Prof. Frank van Harmelen)

2013 – Symposium ‘Hybrid Forms’, KABK Den Haag (together with Joe Davis en Warren Neidich)

2012 – ‘De Postmens, Droom of Nachtmerrie?’, De Maakbare Mens, Breinwijzer en UPV (interviewed by art historian Willem Elias on my film ‘Technocalyps’)

2011 – ‘The Future of the Singularity’, Club of Amsterdam (symposium with Arjen Kamphuis)

– Studium generale, University of Amsterdam (guest lecture on transhumanism)

– Studium Generale, KULeuven, T-groep (guest lecture on the film Technocalyps)

2010 – ‘Paradigmatic transitions’, Centrum Leo Apostel, Brussel (symposium on quantum mechanics together with Sandro Sozzo, Kai Chen, Shengjun Wu, Liane Gabora, Jan Broekaert, Junde Wu)

– ‘Représentations de l’Apocalypse au cinéma’, ULB, international colloquium on the representation of the apocalyps in the arts

– Tonghi University (China), guest lecture on contemporary art

– Fudan University (China), guest lecture on contemporary art

– Wiels, Brussels, debate with Pascal Gielen and Paul De Bruyne on the publication of the book ‘Arts in Society: Being an Aritist in Post-Fordist Times

– Shanghai Institute for Visual Arts (China), guest lecture on contemporary art

– China Academy of Art Hangzhou (China), workshop

2009 – Russian Academy of Art, St-Petersburg (Rusland), guest lecture on the film Technocalyps

– Studium Generale, RUGent, guest lecture on my artistic work

– HISK, Gent, guest lecture on ‘the 3 cultures’: art, alpha and beta sciences

Source program, Design Academy, Eindhoven, guest lecture on the film Technocalyps

2008 – Studium generale, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, (symposium)

‘Komen we de mens nog ooit te boven?’ Studium Generale, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (symposium together with prof. dr. Jos De Mul)

– Studium Generale, TUDelft, guest lecture

– RITCS, Brussel, guest teacher

2007 – Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, guest lecture

– University of Ljubljana (Slovenië), guest lecture

2006 ‘La Nuit de l’Art Vidéo’, Université de Namur (colloquium on video art in Flanders)

– Studium Generale ‘Kunst en genetica’, Werkplaats voor Beeldende Kunst, Den Haag (symposium together with prof.dr. Johan Braeckman en prof.dr. Daniëlle Hofmans)

– Academy of Fine Arts München, guest lecture

– Transmediale, LUCA Brussel, guest lecture


– P.A.R.T.S., Brussel, guest teacher